Tree Planting

We can’t magnify trees more than we already do. We typically plant trees to make our ecosystem beautiful, shield ourselves from sunlight and contain oxygen. Those are great benefits, but trees provide other noticeable benefits.

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Becoming close to trees helps to reduce the stress we often have in our daily lives. Planting them will give a very interesting complexion to your home. If you have children, this will surely help them to retain the knowledge they learn in school, spending some of their time outdoors in green spaces.

Through evaporation, trees reduce the effect of urban heat waves and reduce the amount of sunlight reaching parking lots and buildings. This is particularly true in areas with large impermeable surfaces, such as store parking lots and industrial zones.

Trees can provide your wallet with an excellent economic benefit. A well-landscaped property with healthy mature trees can cost as much as 10% more than a similar property with little or no tree planting.

Large trees up to 70 feet or more should be planted at least 20 feet from home, medium-sized trees up to 70 feet tall, 15 feet from home, and small trees 30 feet tall or less, 8 to 10 feet from home.

When they mature, the trees grow more slowly. They basically stop picking up height at a certain age. Another theory is that the height of a tree is constrained by the way it carries water to its leaves from its roots.

By eliminating harmful particles and toxins such as dust, carbon monoxide, and sulfur dioxide from the air we breathe, increase our air quality. Trees reduce the amount of stormwater runoff, reduce erosion and pollution of our rivers, and may reduce the effects of flooding. Several species of wildlife rely on their habitat for trees. Plants provide food, protection, and habitats for many birds and mammals.

For all these reasons you should highly be considering planting this captivating and incredible nature’s creation that trees are. When doing this you have to keep in mind that they are delicate and fragile. You must get the assistance of an expert in the field.

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