Tree Doctor

An arborist, tree surgeon, arboriculture, or tree doctor, is an arboriculture practitioner who cultivates, maintains, and studies specific trees, shrubs, vines, and other natural woody plants. They come in handy when there are reports of damage or death involving age, storm damage, drought or other extreme weather conditions, and environmental problems.

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Arborists are the best expert to diagnose and treat tree issues correctly. You should definitely consider consulting an experienced, trustworthy plant doctor if you’re concerned that one of your trees might be on its last limb.

Depriving a foliage tree by cutting more than 25% will stress it, rendering it vulnerable and susceptible to disease. We recommend topping up trees in some situations where protection is a concern to avoid collapse. Reduce risk by removing dangerous, broken, dead, or diseased branches.

Therefore, extra training is needed for arborists to work near the power wires or they need to be Qualified Line Clearance Arborist or Grid Arborists. An arborist may conduct a number of tests to determine the best course of action. Trees need soil that contains a particular balance of 15 mineral elements for proper growth. Changes in fertilizer or soil can make the soil a healthier environment for the tree.

Arborists who are able to climb the trees may use a number of escalation techniques. The least invasive technique used and the most popular is to climb the rope. No care is adequate to save a tree at times. Reasons for removing one include serious problems with the root or trunk or structural defects that could cause the tree to fall in bad weather.

However, if you are thinking of recruiting an arborist, you must contact a well-reviewed local tree service company and ask if they have a qualified arborist. Take into consideration the level of education, qualification, and experience of the customer, as well as the online credibility of the business with other customers.

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