Tree Bracing & Cabling

A problem in most trees is that they can grow to such a degree that their physical structure can no longer hold their own weight. A broad branch or trunk failure can cause property damage, personal injury, or trees health degradation.

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If the tree is potentially harmful, you may want to get an assessment from an arborist or tree service to see if cabling or bracing for that tree is a viable option. Cables will help redistribute weight and pressure while bracing rods will assist in providing the support needed. A specialist will decide if an at-risk tree would benefit from installing cables and braces.

In mature multi-trunked trees, with open canopies, this is extremely common. Cabling can have pros and cons. You have a high chance of ruining the tree forever or harming it to a large extent.

This is a strong reason for not trying to do this on your own. Performing this once every year is a must to maintain the security and health of your tree. The bracing and cabling is a complex process that is intended only for professionals.

Normally, wires are made of extremely high-strength steel and connect to bolts in the upper crown of a tree. The goal is to restrict the movement of the supported branches so that they are less likely to collapse during storms.

This is built by unions of weak branches and several stems to provide more stable protection from spinning forces that may occur in severe weather conditions like wind, snow, and ice. Only qualified professionals will install additional structural support systems based on a thorough inspection and analysis of the structure.

Properly placed wires between the branches will help to reallocate the weight load, allowing each other to support the limbs or trunks. This could save a tree, but it represents the dedication of a costly annual maintenance program in which the tree is inspected and carefully pruned each year to maintain a reasonable level of risk.

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