Deep Root Injection

Deep root injection is a method designed to feed your trees and shrubs in order for them to survive. This fertilization approach also helps them withstand a number of devastating diseases, but it does not destroy your lawn, unlike traditional top-down fertilization strategies.

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The process is simple but requires specialized chemicals, a network of pressurized injectors, and advanced design techniques skills. Trees need appropriate care and nutrients. Just as people need vitamins and supplements, plants need an extra boost of nutrients.

This method is almost as simple as it seems. A soil needle with a mixed nutrient tank is added to the roots. Then the stress contents stream through the tube to the needle on the table. Depending on the thickness of a tree’s root system, the technician positions the needle, applying a specific amount of fertilizer at specific locations.

Also, the injections aerate the soil around the root system, supplying much-needed oxygen and spreading roots. Try doing this for your plants instead of using a traditional method of fertilization because by burning it they can actually damage the grass around them. Having it grow back in a darker green hue, clearly contrasting with the rest of the lawn. A dose of injection is all you need to ensure that your tree is safe.

When trees and large bushes or shrubs are not fertilized, there will be long-term consequences. Knowledge and experience play an important role in the process because if the expert moves the needle too far, the root system will be over-shooted and the solution will be applied in a location that the plant can not use.

The best time to fertilize if needed is late April or early May, or late fall when plants fall asleep. The recommended fertilizer should be evenly distributed across the surface of the soil. The actual amount of nitrogen used should be 3 pounds (lbs) per 1,000 square feet.

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